Iron Throne delivered by Uber

How to win the Marketing Game? U BE R-eally Different

UBER…….ahhh, what lengths will they go to in order to create hype? Deliver kittens to your doorstep? Sure! Send an ice cream truck to your house instead of car? Absolutely.

Uber has launched some of the most memorable and creative marketing/social campaigns in the last couple years, but some of their best have come in the last few months.

How about the chance to sit in the Game of Thrones infamous Iron Throne? For those obsessed with the cult-classic HBO series, this was a once in a lifetime opportunity when HBO teamed up with Uber to bring the Iron Throne to engaged viewers. For two days in April, when ordering an Uber via your mobile app, residents of New York could request that the Iron Throne brought to their location via a clear glass truck so they can take a requisite selfie in the hot seat.

Iron Throne delivered by Uber
Iron Throne delivered by Uber

Game of Thrones enthusiasts jump at the chance to sit on the legendary throne!

The most recent social win for Uber though was just this past month to tie in with LGBT month. Even before the SCOTUS decision to legalize gay marriage and prior to the onslaught of brands revamping their logos with rainbows to reflect support of the new law, Uber was already making strides in the LGBT community.

Rainbow Flag added to Uber Cars
Rainbow Flag added to Uber Cars

To show support for Pride month, Uber attached an image of the rainbow flag to the virtual cars on its mobile app. This small, but meaningful marketing tactic, really picked up speed following the SCOTUS decision, when Uber users began posting pictures of their Uber maps in social media streams.

Many thought this was Uber’s attempt to support the SCOTUS decision in real-time, but Uber had actually been ahead of the game.

The thoughtful use of today’s trending topics with a marketing spin has been a recipe for success for Uber. I can’t wait to see what Uber comes up with next!


4 thoughts on “How to win the Marketing Game? U BE R-eally Different

    • I did not know all that Uber was doing to market itself. I think they used great methods to target a younger generation and gain loyal customers.


  1. I didn’t know Uber did these things but it’s a great example of why they’re winning the transportation war against Lyft.


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